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Residential Services

Our Residential Services

  • In-Home Plant Care

    In-Home Plant Care

    We offer our services for your indoor plants as well. If you love having plants inside your home, but do not want to care for them...we can help.

    We will come and take care of your plants making sure they are at their best and brightest. Well maintained plants in your home improve both air quality and aesthetics.

  • Hand-Spray Weed Control

    Hand-Spray Weed Control

    We hand spray our weed control for many reasons. Mainly, this process prevents over-spray of product and ensures that the proper areas receive weed control.

  • Fertilization


    Your lawn needs food to grow. We specially blend our fertilizer to be at optimum levels to bring your lawn back to a full, lush green in as little time as possible. Our fertilizers are safe for your kids and pets as well...

  • Pet-Waste Removal

    Pet-Waste Removal

    This is the one job that every pet owner hates...the spring clean up. Let our professionals come and do the dirty work for you.

  • Aeration


    Aeration is basically the process of adding air holes to your lawn. Allowing more air and water into the root system of your lawn allows the grass to get more nutrients. The more nutrients your lawn gets the taller, fuller and healthier it will be.

  • Tree & Shrub Pruning and Removal

    Tree & Shrub Pruning and Removal

    Let us use our professional skills to snip, clip and crop your shrubs to perfection. Manicured shrubbery not only grows better, but ads curb appeal to your dwelling. If you don't like you shrubs...we can remove them for you as well...

  • Clean Up

    Clean Up

    Sometimes all your lawn needs is a good cleanup. Let us give your lawn the surface cleaning that it needs to get rid of the debris so that you can start your lawn care properly.

  • Complete Grass Cutting

    Complete Grass Cutting

    Our Complete Grass Cutting is exactly what it sounds like...a complete manicure for your lawn. We trim, clip and mow your lawn to it's best with our professional equipment.

  • Power Rake

    Power Rake

    Power Raking is a great way to remove dead debris and crust that builds up on a lawn over Winter. It's also a gentle way to remove a small amount of thatch from the lawn, without causing the significant damage that dethatching can cause.

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