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Residential Prices

Below is our Residential Price List. Please look through our packages and decide which best suits your situation. Out packages are designed not only to improve the appearance of of your lawn, but also it's health as well.


We take pride in maintaining your lawn and strive to give you the best value for your dollar. In Manitoba, our summer time is short so be sure to spend your time enjoying your lawn, while we maintain it.

Residential Specials

Residential Price List

  • The Regal Weekly

    The Regal Weekly

    $99/ month

    Let us take care of the weekly maintenance of your lawn. We take care of the grass cutting and clean up, weed control and fertilization. Keep your lawn looking it's best this summer.

  • Lawn Fertilization

    Lawn Fertilization

    $129/ month

    We fertilize your lawn with our own blend of ingredients to bring your lawn back to life.

  • Regal Power Rake

    The Regal Power Rake


    Let us use our professional equipment and know-how to remove all of the dust, dirt, gravel and debris from your lawn. The Regal Power Rake is a fast, easy way to get rid of the winter buildup on your lawn and boulevard.

  • In-Home Services

    In-Home Services

    Call Us!

    We offer a comprehensive package for those homeowners who want to have the benefits of plants inside the home, without having to take care of them.

    Let us come to your home, and take professional care of your indoor plants. We use all of the same techniques to keep your indoor plants looking their best year round.

  • Pet Waste Removal

    Pet Waste Removal

    Call Us!

    If you have a dog or cat, this is a service for you. Pet waste on your lawn is not only unsightly, but unhealthy as well. Let us come and clear away the waste so that you can get onto your lawn in bare feet...without worry.

    *price depends on Fido's load.

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